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Welcome to Zido Designs

Established in 2020 as a web development agency. We can provide a wide range of technical skills with excellent project manage and most importantly honest transparent communication. Our vision is to provide an excellent service based on honesty and never agreeing to anything we can't deliver.

With our director having over 15 years of commercial digital experience across several industries, we have the technical skills to deliver.

If you want to be assured that your business will receive a professional service with a product delivered on time then contact us.

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From a new website for your business or blog to updating content on an existing site.


Thinking of selling online? We will create you a custom shopping experience, stock control, payment gate, user registration. Speak to us about the options.


In the age when everyone is always looking at their phone, you need to have a responsive website that looks and functions correctly at all sizes.


Want to manage content yourself? With a content management system you will be in control of your website content. Whether that be a custom content management system (CMS) or an off the shelf package such as word press, we are here to help.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Paypal, banking payment gateways, etc. We have the technical skills to integrate your website with third party platforms. Show your last tweets or accept payments for your store.


Want to create interactive heatmaps, live vehicle tracking or maybe just add directions to your property?


We can develop interactive dashboards based on your data, graphic sales aids or visual analysis. User access, ipad compatible and potentially offline.

Software as a service

Do you want us to create the next twitter, instagram or facebook? If you have an idea, we can help create it.

Hosting PHP Programming CSS Javascript HTML NodeJs Bootstrap Design LESS SASS jQuery Bootstrap Bug Fixing Web www CRM CMS WordPress Networking Testing Problem Solving E-commerce Server Management Upgrades Technology Development Photoshop XML KML JSON Mapping Dashboards
If you have a technical need, we will be able to help, speak to us today. Contact Us



Discussion with the client to gather all the requirements both visual and functional. Document those requirements in detail to create an agreement of work between both parties. Once this document is agreed upon, it will be the reference point for the project.


Creatively begin to draw out the specification into its visual elements, several options maybe presented back to the client based on their requirements and any business needs.


Gives the client the opportunity to review the structure and position of elements in their project. Wireframes will usually be black and white with minimal design detail.


Time to develope the agreed wireframes into a functional tool as described in the specification. Scheduled updates to the client will be shown to keep the communication on progress transparent.

Quality Assurance

The development is internally checked against the agreed specification, tested for any bugs and mistakes made during the development process. This stage is circular until completed.

Client Sign Off

Gives the client the opportunity to review the work completed. The client will have already seen the development during scheduled updates. Any mistakes can be highlighted and discussed. These should be minimal at this stage.

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Swift Website

An online website builder which allows users to pay a small monthly fee. Zido Designs created and supplied the main website along with the full SaaS solution including online website builder, subscription payments via PayPal and domain purchases via a domain name API.

#PHP #JQuery #SQL #PayPal #Domains #API

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V5 Cars

V5 Cars Search Website & App

An online used car search website similar to Autotrader. Cars would be automatically added to the used car stock each day. An android mobile app was also created and deployed on the android play store.

#PHP #JQuery #SQL #android #Api #Ajax

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Back End

Back End Programming Services

Working in tandem with another design company to provide the coding required to bring their creative vision to life for their commercial client. Approached by another design company and asked to bring together their creative design into a working website including interactive svg's, animation and video.

#PHP #JQuery #javascript #css #animation #video

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NHS data analysis system

Using NHS sourced pseudonymised hospital data to create an interface which can be used to analyse and create statistical reports on disease areas of interest.

#PHP #JQuery #SQL #PayPal #ecommerce #shop

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Psychology & Sociology Shop

A commercial ecommerce shop which sells academic exam revision books for GCSE And A-Level students.

#PHP #JQuery #SQL #PayPal #ecommerce #shop

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Survey Plan Website

A commercial website for a survey services supply company. Commissioned to broaden Survey plan's online presence and provide a more professional service for their clients.

#PHP #JQuery

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School Accident Book

A digital replacement for the traditional accident and emergency book. This system was already in place and needed to be adapted to allow mobile access and offline support for recording accidents.

#PHP #JQuery #javascript #offline

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Healthcare Dashboard

A dashboard based on publicly available pharmacy and healthcare data used to visually represent the trends and relationships between patient care and prescribing in a selected disease area.

#PHP #JQuery #javascript #offline

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Mob Boss

Mob Boss Mobile Game

A mobile game deployed to the android play store. Users can interact with a solo player storyline and in game missions along with battling against other online players.

#PHP #JQuery #javascript

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Vivid Copyrighting

A copyrighting presentation website used to gain further exposure for copyrighting services provided by Vivid.

#PHP #JQuery #javascript

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